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We deliver premium services with high-quality material and the best roofing installation practices to ensure endurance at your end. Our experts invest their time, resources, and energy to get high-quality, hands-on products from top manufacturers with the best warranty deals. The types of services that we offer for residential roofing are diverse, some of them are covered here:

Durable Asphalt Shingle Installations

A residence roof serves the basic purpose of protecting the house building from the sun, rain, storms, and other harsh weather conditions. It must be durable and high-performance to bear the tough weather circumstances as well. This is the most cost-effective and strong roofing to install. Asphalt shingles have the most amazing benefits, for instance:


  • Easy to maintain and monitor.
  • Life expectancy up to 50 years.
  • Comes in numerous styles and colors.
  • Easy to customize according to color scheme.
  • Highly resistant to wind, fire, hail, and other harsh weather conditions RWB Roofing is expert at installing Asphalt Shingles. Our experienced technicians can help you find the perfect shingles for your residence according to your budget and requirements.

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Long-lasting and attractive Slate Shingles Installations

Slate shingles are one of the best high-end roofing that stays for longer durations. Moreover, it is beneficial in winter snowstorms as it allows the snow to slide away. Incredibly, the life expectancy of slate shingles is up to 100-200 years.

Massachusetts Roofing Company has experts to offer you high-quality services of slate shingles for residential and commercial roofing. We offer excellent and practical roofing solutions. Our skilled professionals ensure that your job is done, either related to installing new roofing or repairing and maintenance of the old roof.

Appealing Wooden Shakes or Shingles

Wooden shakes are very common in New England as they give a perfect classy and elegant look to the residences. They are pricy but offer great durability and longevity and complete the look of residence as well. As long as installed by a professional team, they long last more than 30 years of life without any early maintenance required.

Wooden shakes are made from natural cedars, western red cedars, redwood trees, or pine. Massachusetts Roofing Company professionals split the shakes from logs, and reshape them for residential and commercial uses.

Highly resistant Metal Roofing Installations

Metal Roofing is another best residence roofing choice that comes with durability, longevity, and impermeability. They are a bit expensive than other roofing installations but do the best in tough weather circumstances. So, perform best for New England residences.

Undoubtedly, metal roofing is a smart choice. The life expectancy of metal roofing is over 50 years with continuous maintenance. Perfect for resistance against the leaks and prevents the ice dam formation in the winter season. Plus, metal is more durable, and so it requires comparatively less maintenance if installed by experts.

Quality roofing done right the first time.

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