The materials used in a roof determine how long it will survive. How long will my asphalt roof last? This is one of the most important questions buyers have. While you may find a roofing contractor stating that the roof may last for 25 to 30 years, you may wonder if it really will. Your roofing materials should last about as long as the manufacturer claims. However, there are a lot of elements that will ultimately influence how long your asphalt roof will last.

How Long Does An Asphalt Roof Last?

Asphalt shingles are divided into three categories: luxury, dimensional and 3-tab. However, we’ll use the two most prevalent asphalt shingles – dimensional and 3-tab, as examples.

A 30-year manufacturer guarantee is included with dimensional shingles. On the other hand, manufacturer warranties on 3-tab shingles are typically 25 years.

When properly vented and built, an asphalt roof should last for 80-85 percent of its expected life. That implies you should anticipate your 3-tab shingle roof to last 20-22 years and your dimensional shingles to last 25-28 years.

Remember that these figures assume that you have your roofs constructed by experts and that you have appropriate attic ventilation. If it doesn’t, your roof’s life will be cut short, and you’ll need to replace it.

5 Factors Determining the Life of an Asphalt Roof

There are five things that influence the life of your asphalt roof.

Now that you know how long your asphalt roof should endure, you can learn about some of the things that influence it. The following are five elements that influence the life of your roof.

1. Is your attic well ventilated?

The most critical component in extending the life of your roof is proper attic ventilation. If your attic does not have proper ventilation, the trapped cold and hot air can cause significant damage to reduce the life of your asphalt roof.

The stored heat will burn through your roof system, necessitating a complete roof replacement. Any manufacturer warranties on your roofing materials will be canceled as a result of the lack of sufficient ventilation.

2. Did you work with a reliable roofing company?

It is critical to hire a professional roofing contractor to protect your roof investment. When you have not correctly placed your roof, you can expect your roofing materials to last as long as its expected life.   

This emphasizes the importance of picking a roofing contractor with a proven track record of installation.

Whether you require repairs or a complete roof replacement, choosing a contractor is critical to the longevity of your asphalt roof.

3. How is the weather in your location?

Throughout its lifetime, every roof undergoes acute weather damage. The amount of intense weather your area experiences influences how quickly your asphalt roof wears out.

If you reside in a region where tiny hail is common, your shingles will experience granular loss much more quickly. You won’t be able to file an insurance claim, but your asphalt roof’s lifespan will be significantly reduced.

4. What is the direction of your asphalt roof?

You probably don’t consider how your home’s orientation affects the lifespan of your asphalt roof. However, the quantity of direct sunshine your roof receives has an impact on how long it lasts.

As the sun rises and sets above your home, if the roof faces east and west, each side receives an equal quantity of direct sunshine. If it faces south, just the south side will receive direct sunshine throughout the day, and it will also take all of the weather’s abuse.

5. Do you have a roof maintenance contract?

Debris on your roof will cause it to stay damp. When your shingles become soaked, they are unable to serve their primary role of keeping you dry. As a result, undergoing yearly roof repair is one of the most critical things you can do to guarantee your roof lasts as long as possible.

You should keep the debris away from the gutter line, out of the valleys, and off the roof. When you do regular roof maintenance, you can identify the usual roof problems before they do too much harm. 

When should you replace your asphalt roof?

You now know how long your asphalt roof should endure as well as the five elements that influence its lifespan. Knowing the lifespan of your asphalt roof can help you understand what you can expect from it.

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